XT1144 Cannot Play 4k video in portrait orientation

It appears our XT1144 running OS 8.2.82 cannot play videos properly in 2160x3840 resolution- instead, the videos appear glitchy/distorted. We tested a video with encoding h265 profile main (and we saw the same issue with other codecs listed here), here are the results:

  • In a portrait presentation (2160x3840), a portrait video (2160x3840) appears distorted
  • In a landscape presentation (3840x2160), a landscape video (3840x2160) plays as expected
  • In a portrait presentation, a portrait video which has been rotated / rendered out as landscape still plays distorted.

We don't see an issue with a 1080x1920 portrait video occupying a quarter of the presentation zone. It would appear the issue is due to the XT1144's inability to play portrait videos in 4k. Can anyone please confirm if this is the case?

Result on Display:

Frame of original:


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    JRB Technical

    Unfortunately there has been a long history of BrightSign not understanding that many people use the players for Portrait content.

    Some of that was fixed, but then broken again when the 4K players started coming out and people where trying to use 4K videos and images in Portrait.

    Many people have giving up on BrightSign to ever fix this, and just Pre-Rotate content to Vertical, and set the players up for Vertical, even though the content and displays will be in Portrait.

    It's not the ideal solution, but it usually works with less hassles, since it's not likely that BrightSign will fix issues like this even though the correct use of Portrait should have been fully implemented from the very beginning.

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    We are aware of increasing interest in portrait playback, but it's a hardware limitation, the only fix is future hardware.

    Portrait video support has both file/media and output restrictions depending on the model.
    See this article for details: https://docs.brightsign.biz/display/DOC/Optimizing+Video+Quality#OptimizingVideoQuality-PortraitVideo

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