HTML5 offline Cache Video Problem

i have video files loaded from http location to chromium local cache
caches.open(cachename); await cache.put(fileurl, fileresponse);
While connected online all works fine.
Rebooting with unplugged network cable (offline mode) i attache the file via cacheresponse = await cache.match(fileurl);
Images, TextFile, jsons etc. work without problem,
so <img src=xx> tags with such an offline cached file works.
Only <video> tags with src=xx to offline Cached file make problems.
The javscript video promise raises an error: Video couldn't be autoplayed: The element has no supported sources
Within the object i see a BrightSign error:
BRIGHTSIGN_VIDEO_ERROR: Cannot play stream

I do not use hwz=on flag.

Any hints on this?
thx in advance


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