Button Loading PNG Over Existing Running Video

I'm working on an interactive where I'd like to add a handicap accessible menu. I have a looping video running with a bunch of buttons on it that link to other videos. Note, all my buttons (menu) items are included in the "flattened" video. One of the buttons is a handicap symbol that I want people to be able to touch and a handicap specific menu pop up on the existing running video. Kind of like a popup on a webpage. I want the original background video to continue to loop and run. The "popup" handicap menu would just appear. The handicap menu would have multiple links to other videos as well as a "close" button that would remove the handicap menu.

I am using BAConnected and an XT1144.

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    Bright Scripters

    With the XT you can layer one video on top of the other.

    You can have a second zone which would contain the pop up menu, and you can show/hide that zone as needed.

    What have you been able to do, or where did you get stuck?

    Feel free to share a link to presentation file. No need to include media files.

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