Copy and Paste Buttons and Timeouts

I am working on an interactive presentation where I have 100s of videos. I have 1 presentation that is the "sleep mode" presentation. I want to include a timeout on all the other presentations below it, and all other videos within those presentations to go back to the "sleep mode" presentation. I have a second level presentation with the main navigation that has buttons to all the sub presentations. So on every screen no matter where you are among the 100s of videos I want a button that takes you back to the main navigation presentation.


That being said, in short, I want to place a button on 100s of screens within many presentations to all to to the same main nav presentation.

Can I somehow duplicate a button from one screen to another?

Can I somehow duplicate a timeout from one screen to another?

I can go through the motions, to set each of the timeouts and return to main nav button, but I'm looking for a more efficient way to do that?

Hopefully this makes sense?


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    Bright Scripters

    Sounds like a single zone layered over the playing video could provide a single button that would take the user back to the main menu.

    If you provide a download link to the presentation file, we could take a closer look. (no need for media files)


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