aspect ratios from micro sd card


I am new with Brightsign HD224 - I play direct from mikrosd card - via HDMI caple connected to Optoma 460 projector. 

My movie file is full hd 1920x1080 ( .mov or .mg4) - but is starts up in wrong format - (color is wrong as well) (file made in final cut pro x)

(seem different if I choose hdmi1 or hdmi2)

How can I change aspect ratio - and resolution ? -

Do I have to do this setup thing - that I do not understand ?

The movie is going to play in loop in an exhibition - no internet connection there.

Hope you can help



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    Maja Ingerslev

    When the projector finds the connection hdmi1 to the brightsign- it says under 1920 X 1200 (which then is 16:10) 

    when I connect the hdmi1 to my mac - it says 1080p (16:9) - which is the right format for the video

    (- I also tried 2,7 k .mov file - but the same thing happent)

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    Bright Scripters

    With the info provided it is hard to tell where exactly the problem is.

    Is there a video extender in the mix, or is there a normal length HDMI cable between player and projector?

    Either way, if you are placing your video file on a blank SD card, the projector and player would negotiate capabilities and go with something which you have no control of. You could instead use BrightAuthor and use the "force resolution" feature to force the player to output signal at 1920x1080@60 or other.



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