BrightAuthor 4.7 - timetables and presentations in the past

Hey Community, 

I have some serious problems with Bright Author

We have 47x HD224 Player, with various presentations running.

If I have some content in a presentation, which played in the past, and I erase some of the png files used in the past from my HDD (don´t want to keep content for ever). Then BrightAuthor is not able to load the timetable, claiming some of the used files are missing.

So I have to open the timetable in a Note Editor and remove the used (past) code.

I can´t understand that files which are used in the past, block the software to open the timetable.

There should be an error that the files are missing, but BrightAuthor should be able to open the timetable anyway, so that the user can fix the problem directly in BrightAuthor.

Any one have the same problems or a other solution than using a thrid party software?




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    Bright Scripters

    What are timetables in BrightAuthor?

    Good thing you found a workaround, and thanks for sharing your solution here.

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