BrightSign AU335 Audio Player - HELP


I am familiar with various types of BrightSign players and BrightAuthor - including XD234 mostly.
I am trying to newly configure some AU335 players to play audio for an exhibit but cannot get them to work!

Can I use BrightAuthor to export the project? The model number does not show up and I have BrightAuthor version 4.7. I don't see any updates.. and when I export it, it doesn't 'play, and the IP address shows up on the browser but not accepted by BrightAuthor (when connected to the network).

I also just tried putting the files directly on an SD card and it only plays in half of them. Made sure the files were the suggested size (16 bit).

I simply can't find clear information on how to go about using these and why nothing is playing.

I moved the SD card from a non-working player to a working player and the audio played. I originally set these up with network connection but then formatted the cards to just add the audio files. Why is this only happening on some of them??


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    Brandon Official comment

    The AU335 is not like other BrightSign players, or even previous AU-series BrightSign players.

    It is not supported by BrightAuthor or BrightSign Network.
    Per the product page:
    Supports presentation authoring through free BrightAuthor:connected, BrightScript, JavaScript, and node applications

    Its HDMI connection is ARC/eARC only, it is not a HDMI video output like other BrightSign players.
    It is meant to be connected to the ARC/eARC input on soundbars and other ARC/eARC equipment.

    Connecting it to a standard HDMI video display or non-ARC/eARC port on an AV receiver will not work.

    Friendly reminder, the community forum is intended for user-to-user discussion.  It is not regularly monitored. For troubleshooting problems and to ensure a timely answer from a BrightSign representative, please submit a support ticket

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    Bright Scripters

    Have you contacted support?


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    Rachel Yurkovich

    Yes I have contacted support - I needed more urgent help so tried the forum but no answers on either end yet.

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    Bright Scripters

    Have never used the AU players, but I'd start with making sure all players are on the same firmware version.

    I'm seeing that BrightAuthor 4.7 has the AU320 listed, which might get you close enough...

    Sorry that I cannot be of more help.

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