Viewing a BrightSign 4K device on a small monitor

Hi BrightSign General Community,

I do video production and use an Atomos 4K monitor/recorder for better quality captures from my mirrorless camera. I like how the Atomos confirms video resolution and frame rate.

Now I am installing BrightSign 4K devices. They usually* perform great with the commercial-grade NEC, Samsung, etc. brand 4K displays. However during installation I was trying to use my Atomos 4K monitor just to verify that the BrightSign was sending out a proper signal, but it looks like the Atomos is just not capable of displaying that signal. Do any of you use Atomos or other small portable monitors for troubleshooting and testing of your BrightSign devices?


*This is a whole other topic that I'm currently resolving with BrightSign support, but transitions between still images in 4K always look choppy on the commerial-grade displays. The individual images and videos look great though.


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