BrightAutor can´t connect to XD1032

Hi i have 3 XD1032,

i don´t have the password to access the Devices so i have reseted one to the factory settings and updated it to v7.1.113. The Device ist reachable by Browser an the Login with the Serial works. But The Bright Author cam´t find the device and when i try to add it via IP i received the following error from the Bright Autor Software: Unable to access the BrightSign at that IP Adress.


What can i do here?

Regards Tim

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    Bright Scripters

    The player model and firmware versions are quite dated, while the BrightAuthor is the most recent.

    Is that combination officially supported?

    If not not officially supported, then in your shoes I'd try and pair an older vintage of BrightAuthor to go with your player and firmware.

    Side-note with a dash of unsolicited advice: Whenever I tried to squeeze more life out of old technology I ended up regretting spending the time...

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