xt1144 html5 size lock to portrait 2160x3840 issue

I have created web pages that are meant to display full content at 2160x3840 portrait mode for an exhibit space we have created. The size of the images and text blocks look correct from my system when I 'Inspect' them at that size, but are oversized for the BrightSign XT1144 player and text and images don't fit correctly.

The published web pages from our server can be found at 



Test by using Inspect in a Chrome browser and setting the size to 2160x3840 and you will see that when at the bottom of the page (click the Scroll Up button to see), we get a full screen of information.

When this exact web site is loaded into the player the sizes are a bit off and oversized and things don't fit exactly as we are publishing them. 

Is there a setting in the player to ensure exact fit of the HTML5?

The BrightAuthor program is very simple - an HTML5 widget is set to the above web address and published when the basic Project is set to be a Portrait mode 3840x2160 - 4k presentation and forced the resolution.

Any hints are greatly appreciated. I played with the settings and nothing seems to fix my problem. The players (there are three that exhibit the same issues with three different web pages) are all running the latest firmware - 8.4.10 and I am working with the most recent BrightAuthor -

I can submit some screen shots if that will help?

Thanks, Dave


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