Media server plugin on a XD1034, 4k no picture with vlc

I trying to configure the media server plugin to make the display stream avaialble to VLC.

This works for a 1080p presentation with a 1080p content, a 2160p presentation with 1080p content, but not for a 2160p presentation with 2160p content. VLC conects, but the content is just a black screen. The content is displaying properly on the 4k screen to which it's connected.

I see the following errors in the log:
[   29.727] MediaStreamer::SetPipeline called with display:mode=1&vformat=1080p30&vbitrate=8000,encoder:,mem:/display
[   29.727] Display encoder mode 1 is not supported on this platform. Using mode 2
[   29.728] ### 00:00:11.222 BVDC_WIN: Window is not available.
[   29.728] !!!Error (0xf0309) at magnum/portinginterface/vdc/src/common/bvdc_window_priv.c:1102
[   29.728] 
[   29.728] !!!Error (0xf0309) at magnum/portinginterface/vdc/src/common/bvdc_window.c:247
[   29.728] 
[   29.728] !!!Error (0xf0309) at nexus/modules/display/src/nexus_video_window.c:1088
[   29.728] 
[   29.728] !!!Error (0xf0309) at nexus/modules/display/src/nexus_video_window.c:1280
[   29.728] 
[   29.728] ### 00:00:11.222 nexus_video_image_input: image input not connected to window
[   29.728] !!!Error BERR_NOT_AVAILABLE(0xa) at nexus/modules/display/src/nexus_video_image_input.c:853
[   29.728] 
[   29.794] bs_native_window_clone: graphicsSettings: 0,0 1920x1080 clip: 3840x2160 cloneGraphicsSettings: 0,0 1920x1080 clip: 1920x1080
[   29.809] *** 00:00:11.303 BMUXLIB_TS: Service period of 0 ms specified. Using default of 50 ms
[   29.809]     00:00:11.303 BMUXLIB_TS: TS Legacy MUXlib v1 Host SW 2018-11-14
[   35.940] ### 00:00:17.434 nexus_video_image_input: image input not connected to window

Here is some additional information

  • media server pluging: https://github.com/brightsign/BrightAuthor-Plugins/tree/master/Media-Server
  • Output command: pipleline$ ="display:mode=1&vformat=1080p30&vbitrate=8000,encoder:,"    (This will automatically default to mode 2, as 1 is not suported)
  • Device: XD1034, Firmware: 8.4.10, Autorun version: 7.9.14
  • Presentation: screen resolution: 3840x2160x30p
  • Picture: 3840x2160, 72dpi, 24bpp, png

Any idea what I could be doing wrong?



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    The player's encoder can only handle up to 1080p.  So you can't encode a display output or input larger than 1080p.  That's why it works for 1080p output but not 2160p output.  For larger resolution you'd need to use a dedicated encoder.

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    Dean Bakker

    Thanks for the information. I will then use a different method for the 4k content.

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