VAVA 4K - HDMI CEC Power on and off

Hello! I'm having trouble getting the VAVA 4k projector to turn on an off with HDMI CEC

I have "HDMI CEC" and "CEC Power Off" and "HDMI 2.0" enabled on the projector settings.

I have a XT1144 plugged into it with a HDMI 2.0 cable, and I've tried testing the following commands individually with a test presentation, but none of them are working for me

BrightControl DisplayOn
BrightControl DisplayOff

Video Disable monitor power save mode
Video Enable monitor power save mode

BrightControl Send Hex String E0 04
BrightControl Send Hex String E0 36


Any ideas how I can control the projector with HDMI CEC and a projector?


I also have a support ticket open with VAVA in case the issue is on their end.


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