Per player custom HTTP parameters

Let say I have a fleet of Brightsign players named :


I would like each player to access a different URL when it loads a webpage.

example :

- player-A loads http://mysite/player-A

- player-B loads http://mysite/player-B

I certainly want to avoid ingesting one presentation per player as I have many players in my fleet.

Is there some sort of wildcard for the player name to set the webpage URL ? 

Any other way to access the player name from within a webpage ? 


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    Monica Knutson

    You could invoke the Javascript API on a landing page that they all point to and then redirect based on the device serial number.  



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    What type of content do you usually play? it is a simple video, an html file or a BA interactive presentation?

    I usually work with my own autorun script and avoid Brightauthor. In the last project I was managing 120 players at the same time in a more efficient way than publisihing from BrightAuthor..

    in case you are interested you can mail me to alvaro.calleja@avmalaga.es

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    Robert Al-Romhein

    Can the Javascript API be used on a web page that is hosted externally?

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    Arnaud Grosjean

    Hello everyone,

    Thanks for your comments, just to mention, Robert Al-Romhein works with me, so his questions are directed to you @Monica.

    We had already in mind using this API but we are having trouble actually accessing the javascript objects.

    As Robert mentionned, we do not copy the html content locally on the player but the player is accessing an url on a remote server, serving wepages and media assets.


    On this project we will mainly use the Brightsign platform as a video playlist player (something like 3x playlists with 20 content each). At the top of which we overlay a web page with text information. 

    I know we can override a lot for sure in Brightsign. Why not talk about alternative approaches.


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