Problem with HTML5 and touch/mouse events seem jerky and slowed

Good evening everyone, I have a problem that has been tormenting me for days concerning navigation on HTML5 pages and I no longer know how to try to solve it. With various players, all updated to the latest firmware, I find that touch / mouse movements such as slide, zoom and rotation are performed without showing the intermediate movements but immediately reaching the final result / position only after removing the finger from the touch or releasing the mouse button. I try to explain myself better. Imagine a normal vertical side slide that allows you to scroll a page. Normally I would position the mouse cursor on the slide, then I would press the mouse button and, keeping it pressed, I would move downwards seeing the page scroll. Brightsign does not show the scrolling page but immediately goes from the starting point to the end point without showing the intermediate route. This turns out to be a major problem as it makes the whole system appear to be slowed down and jerky. How can I solve?


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