Phase difference with sync - AU335


I'm trying to have synchronize 2 brightsign AU335. I'm on a local network with just the two brightsigns. I'm using 2 tracks (aac codec) with an event handler and synchronize event for the slave et and an event handler and command link-synchronize on a timeout.

The synchronisation is working but there is a phase difference. It's not perfect ?

Is there a solution to have a perfect synchronisation ?


Thanks in advance.


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    Alex Inglizian

    Hey Joseph! Just posting to say I just encountered this as well and it's very frustrating! Working on an installation where phase is very crucial. Have you figured anything out since posting this?

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    I don't have an AU335 but as they don't look to support enhanced sync which is PTP based you're always going to get some drift or offset.

    Sync just says I'll start playing in x ms in a NTP like mechanism if I remember correctly and then they'll free-run from that point. This matters less for video as you probably won't notice frame boundaries being slightly off but playing the same audio you will.

    It might be possible to acheive closer what you're after by using another player and mp4/mov with a wav file as they can make use of this functionality https://brightsign.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DOC/pages/370673205/roSyncManager but even then there's a reason tools like brightwall only take audio off the master unit.

    If you need audio in multiple place from the same track maybe look at wiring them out from one player or using something like Dante to distribute the audio.

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