UDP trigger from a timed event

UDP help please

I am trying to use UDP commands to operate a IP addressable realay over a wired LAN.

My Brightsign project works when i send UDP commands using a web interface. Witch uses the 'UDP event'.
However when i send a UDP command using the 'tmed event', the UDP command dose not work.
Timed event > Advanced > Send > UDP
I know i have set the UDP send IP address and port correctly as it works sending from the web interface.

Brighsign HD233
Firmware 7.1.65

Any ideas anyone?

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    Bright Scripters

    You could post a link with the project file so we take a look.

    Make sure that your timed event is firing by adding a different type of event such as zone message or GPIO.

    Also, if there is no good reason for using an old firmware version you could consider upgrading to a recent version



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