multiple admins / changing admins

In my environment we had a user create a network for BSN.cloud / Bright Author: Connected and so the that account was the admin. However, one day he left the company and we were unable to add users to the network. This soon proved to be a problem and I've recently discovered that Bright Sign has designed their system so that not only can you not have multiple admins, you can never change which account is assigned admin. The only way to gain access to admin rights is by gaining access to the old users email and forcing a reset password. That way you can still use the admin account but it is tied to a person who is no longer in our environment.


We have hundreds of Bright Signs in our environment and I'm honestly shocked at how poorly this admin / network management element was thought out. This is an awful design that leaves no room for staffing changes at all, so I have two asks for BrightSign.

1: Make it possible to have multiple admins

2: make it possible to change which accounts are admin, even if there can only be one admin.

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