Sync Pause via UDP BA Connected

I currently have three xt1144 players synced up for a client of mine, I have the playback, next and previous synced. I need to be able to Pause and Play the videos across the sync. I have it working, however it is extremely laggy when I resume the video.

Is there a proper way to setup UDP triggered pause/play events while syncing the players and not have them lag?


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    Bright Scripters

    Is the master starting first and the slaves then lag behind?

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    Pablo Billar

    I have the same problem. Been trying to sync the pause and play but can't get it to work.


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    Sync followers will not pause/resume based on the leader.

    Have the pause/resume processing on the Leader presentation send a different UDP message to trigger the Follower players to pause/resume in their respective presentations.

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