Serial 'Invert signals' don't work

It's been a long time since BrightAuthor's 'Reverse Signals' function for serial communication didn't work. But in BA Connected it still doesn't work.

Are the developers aware of the need to fix it?

I have tried it with XT and HD devices and it has never worked.

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    It's not a software issue, it depends on the specific player hardware.

    It works on

    • Series 0 players with serial ports
    • Series 1 players with serial ports
    • 4K1042, 4K1142 players (RS-232 serial port)
    • HD1023 players (TTL serial port)
    • XD1033/XT1133 players prior to Rev H (TTL serial port)

    Note that it doesn't reverse the Tx/Rx lines like a null-modem adapter does, it inverts the logic voltage.

    The option does not work on the RS-232 serial ports of Series 4/newer players.

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