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I have aN issue with BrightSign Network for scheduling images and videos. We can give a start & end date/time to the images and videos in the Dynamic Playlist, but this is not working well. Last week we got an e-mail from one of our clients who said our screen showed ‘old’ content. So we looked in our Dynamic Playlist, but everything was looking fine. The old images were ended (red icon) and the new content was playing (green content). When we did some remote snapshots, we indeed saw the screen was showing wrong content.

My colleague and I went to another screen of us and tried to schedule the images and videos to have a look if it was working. We tried to give a start & end time to see if the content was showing/disappearing. But it was just not working.

So the story is that we can use dynamic playlists, but the scheduling is just not working. Please help!

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    Michael Lipton

    We dealt with the same issue with one of our players. Even with it as local content, changing the player, etc. we were getting the wrong content playing. Rebooting vai BrightAuthor didn't fix it, but physically power cycling the player did fix it until the scheduled time cam back around.

    We ended up deleting the entire schedule, rescheduling the player's presentation, and that resolved the issue. So you may want to just delete and add back that dynamic playlist component and set up the player's schedule again. Not sure if it'll fix your problem, but a similar move fixed our issue.

    Best of luck!

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