Activate soundfiles on UDP


I need some pointers on a project I'm working on. 

Making a setup for a game, where the players will find clues to piece together a 5 digit number string, type this on a numpad (this: https://www.rugged-key.com/product/223.html) connected to a HD1024 with USB. This works fine.  But it get a little more complex.

Now, this portion of a game has three different soundfiles (and three different number strings) to be activated via UDP. Is goes like this: 

The server sends out a UDP command 1_play and the HD1024 activates the first soundfile, someone enters the 5-digit string and it plays the file. Later, a second command is sent out, 2_play, and a second file is loaded, the audience enters a different 5-digit string and it play a file. 

Now I cannot figure out how to activate/deactivate these sound files and link them to the keyboard event. 

Any tips or feedback would be greatly appreciated. 


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