migrate from standalone to simple file networking

We have a number of XD1033 devices which are currently operating in standalone mode.  Updates are sent via USB stick to remote locations.  We are migrating to a centralized solution using wired ethernet which will host a proprietary web server with the update files.

Currently the SD cards in each XD1033 are set to standalone mode.  How do we update the XD1033 to simple file networking?  I have tried creating a setup USB with SFN set, however that configuration does not pass to the SD card - once the USB stick is removed the old standalone content reverts.  We need a way to either clear or overwrite the existing SD Card contents with the new setup config telling the device to get content from the web server.

Replacing the SD cards is not an option.  We have thousands of remote devices and the local staff are not capable of replacing the SD cards - we need a solution that updates the config via the insertion of a USB flash which will be sent to them.



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    Bright Scripters

    Interesting challenge.

    Seems like the USB drive becomes the main storage when plugged in.

    I wonder if the setup code on the USB drive could be modified so all changes to files are done on the SD card instead...

    Do files on the USB drive change in the process? (Does autorun.brs on the USB drive get replaced during setup)

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    shaun neal

    I wrote a script to format the internal CD card and then copy over the files from the USB.  Issue closed, thanks!

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