small touch screen to displays movies on a large screen


I would like to allow visitors to choose between several films from a touch screen.
The chosen movie would be played on another screen.

Must i use 2 players ? One for the touchscreen, and one for the display screen ?

With udp ?

Thanks a lot for your answer before to beguin this project.

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    Karsten Mehnert

    I have the same questions!

    I would like to let visitors use the touchscreen, that presents one button for each movie to play. Lets suppose there are 4 to 10 clips to be selected. When one gets selected, the onscree-buttons are supposed to change their status (enabled, pressed, active play) and play back the movie on the big screen, that is otherwise black or shows a logo animation or the screen saver.

    So I can only guess, how this would be setup.

    I think maybe there have to be two separate sections, definitions or presentations, because both screens have to display changing content. At the moment, the touch screen shows buttons and play the content on itself, not the big screen, whereas the BrightSign player, even though it is connected to the touch screen, does not play anything via HDMI.

    The touch screen has been connected to the player using the LAN cable.

    Any insights how this setup has to be connected and what modules to use from the "other" or whatever other tab inside the BrightAutor standalone software?


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    Karsten Mehnert

    I was able to find the info, that two players are needed. These players need to able to communicate with each other via a Ethernet cable. The players are supposed to be part of the "same series"? I might have seen a recommendation, of two players that would work together. As far as I can see here on the sticker, the touch display is indeed hardware that comes with a BrighSign player HS123 installed. The other standalone BrightSign Player is XD234 (XD4). Do these play well together as soon as I've done my Presentation using UDP events? Thanks.

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    Ulf Kjellberg

    Hello, I would be very interested in this solution as well :)

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    Till Brandt

    Hey, has anyone found a solution to this problem? I have a similar problem. I have multiple displays, each with a brightsign as the source. These are to be triggered individually via a touch display with a brightsign by different touch areas via Ethernet

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