"Image List" - "event to transition to next item:" - Mouse Input

Hello everyone,

My company has been using brightsign for a while but I just got introduce to them a couple of weeks ago.

I'm currently creating a "image list" (image attached), the question here is, how can I transition to next item and to previous item using the mouse?

I know if you use the keyboard and specify "<sp>" as the transition for the next item, I press the space bar and move to the next image, how can I do this with the mouse?

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    Bright Scripters

    You could attach a touch event that transition from the Image List to itself.

    If you set the touch area to the entire screen then any mouse click would play the next image.

    If you need to have the mouse cursor visible and have the user point the mouse at part of the image then you would need to set the touch area accordingly.

    Best of luck with your new BrightSign journey!

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