BrightAuthor 4.7: Interactive Video with overlay picture


I am preparing an interactive presentation in BrightAuthor 4.7.

I try to create a screensaver video with a call-to-action button that opens the next slide of the presentation.

Is there any possiblity to add a picture to a video (as overlay) and define a touchpoint for it?

I tried it with a zone, but the button is just for one individual slide of the presentation, not for all. Live-Text does not work with a video...

Any help would be great - otherwise we have to integrate the button into the video file.

Cheers, Evelyn

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    Mark Richards

    A second zone with an overlay image is the way I would have gone too. One thing you are missing:

    - Double click on your screensaver state and go to the advanced tab.

    - Add an entry command of "Other > Show zone > Overlay Zone"

    - Add an exit command of "Other > Hide zone > Overlay Zone"

    This will make the overlay image magically appear whenever the screensaver video is active.


    If you want to make it a bit prettier. Have two images in the overlay zone. The second image should be completely transparent. You could use zone messages in the screensaver entry/exit commands to trigger changing this image and apply a fade transition so its not an abrupt cut.


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