Communication between Controller device and Displaying Device


how is the Communication between 2 Devices possible?


1x Bluefin 10,1 Touchdisplay 1x Digital Signage Display with HD1024

Can i directly connect both with Bluetooth or Wifi ?


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    Mark Richards

    I'm not sure what a bluefin 10 is, I'm assuming its not a paddle board (thanks google). If the bluefin device has a command protocol that can utilises UDP or TCP/IP this should be possible (depending on the complexity you may be looking at sing a bright script)

    The HD1024 will connect to the touchscreen. and you could then send UDP or TCP/IP messages to the bluefin.



    To use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth do you have a wireless card fitted to you Brightsign:





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    Allen H. Porter

    The Blufin has a built in BrightSign players (HS123 or HS124..which is basically a 1023 or 1024).  I have never looked at connecting to BS players directly via WiFi or Bluetooth.


    But any BrightSign player can be connected via Ethernet and you can then send and receive UDP messages between 2 or more players on the same subnet.  Or between a 3rd party device that supports UDP and the BS players.


    You probably will not have a great deal of success sending UDP via WiFi since noise is inevitable in that situation and UDP is connectionless...no retransmits of lost packets.  You could learn BrightScript and use other methods of communication accross WiFi.

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