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Hello, I use 25 HD224 player and have the following problem. I have created a dynamic web page that takes content from Facebook. Unfortunately the player does not show emoji in texts. My Chrome browser shows the emoijs.

In firmware update 6.2.147 it is written that colored emojis are supported in HTML pages. Unfortunately I can't find a solution. Can you help me ?

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    Mark Richards

    @Mathias emojis are essentially characters in the OS font family and the default Brightsign ones are on the old side. They will display some emojis but all are in greyscale.

    You can fix this by importing a new font with @font-face. I've attached an example below:


    Knock out the style section of this example and it will look all too familiar. Obviously, if you want the emojis to look identical to Facebook you'll want to use their emoji font instead.

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