Looping a video (X) number of times before moving on

Is it possible in Bright Author to have a video loop a number of times before moving on to the next video or another element? I have done this by simply editing the video or putting the same video in the project back to back as many times as I need it to play but this is very cumbersome. I'm thinking there must be a more elegant way to do this with variables or something like that. The problem I have is that at any given point someone might ask for this to be changed and its time consuming to update. I would like to just change a number to update. 



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    Bright Scripters

    That can be done through use of:

    • User Variable
    • Media End Event with:
    1. Command that increments the User Variable
    2. Conditional target that transition based on the value of the variable

    The Media End event transitions back to the looping video or to the next video based on the value of the variable.

    Reset the variable before entering the looping video to restart the counter.

    In Presentation Properties check the option to reset variables upon startup.


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    That is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

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    Is there any condition like firmware version / player model for this to work? I've tried this but it's not working. It seems the problem is that the "increment / decrement User Variable" command doesn't work and I'm not sure why. I created the variable and can change it via the "Set" command, the conditional targeting also works but it seems no matter where or how I implement the increment command, it doesn't do anything to the variable. Any ideas why?

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