Everything was working fine as a networked unit until this morning.

Unit is not visible in the Network Units box on the publish page. It is visible under the manage tab but I am unable to select it to publish or add it (Tells me "This BrightSign is already in the list of BrightSigns. It's serial number is 44D8DW006803"). The only way I am able to update the display is removing SD card from unit, publish to SD card at my computer, and reinstall the card in the unit.
Currently running OS/Firmware Beta Release Version 8.5.28.
Using BrightAuthor version

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    Bright Scripters

    Sounds like you are using Local File Networking (LFN) as publishing method.

    You could try and factory-reset the player and repeat the setup process for LFN.

    OS 8.4.14 might be a better choice for you at this time.

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