4K Zone Layout Size and Images

1. Can you still not use any images (PNG, JPG) larger then 1920x1080 on 4K players? (XT1143 with BA 4.7.25 and FW 7.1.95)

2. What is going on with the Zone Layout. I think in the past it was in 1920x1080 and you had to 1/2 your 4K numbers to work, but now it is showing a full zone for a 4K project as 2048x1080???

Why have we had 4K for years now on BrightSign products, but BrightAuthor still doesn't work natively in a 4K world?

If I need a 2688x768 Zone in 4K, how do I calculate this in the BrighAuthor World?

Why do you have to make this so difficult for people?

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