4K Zone Layout Size and Images

1. Can you still not use any images (PNG, JPG) larger then 1920x1080 on 4K players? (XT1143 with BA 4.7.25 and FW 7.1.95)

2. What is going on with the Zone Layout. I think in the past it was in 1920x1080 and you had to 1/2 your 4K numbers to work, but now it is showing a full zone for a 4K project as 2048x1080???

Why have we had 4K for years now on BrightSign products, but BrightAuthor still doesn't work natively in a 4K world?

If I need a 2688x768 Zone in 4K, how do I calculate this in the BrighAuthor World?

Why do you have to make this so difficult for people?


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    Brandon Official comment

    It's a limitation of the hardware platform.  We don't build the specific chips.  Unlike general-purpose computers, our signage appliances utilize multiple hardware subsystems in tandem, combining their results, similar to how classic arcade game consoles work.

    XT model players support Full Resolution Graphics in some graphics modes.
    See https://brightsign.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DOC/pages/370678836/Full-Resolution+Graphics

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    JRB Technical

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    David Chan

    I am having the same issue too. In my presentation for XD233, the screen resolution is set to 3840x2160x59.94p, and I have an image zone on top of a video/image zone. However, the image zone won't accept any image larger than 1920x1080.

    Downscaling a 4K image to 1080p, and then upscaling it back to 2160p to display on a 4K TV cause a degradation on the image quality.

    Is there a solution to this problem?

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    JRB Technical

    Unfortunately BrightSign doesn't really seem to care.

    They rushed 4K to market, but focused only on video, and not really anything else.

    The quickest and easiest way to display images larger than HD, is to drop the image into your video software, and make a 4K video clip of the image with time length that best meets your needs.

    If you need transparent PNG over the video layer, I think one time I split the image in to 4 HD images, and added 4 HD sized Image Zones over the video layer. But it was a pain doing all the zone links to switch them all at the same time.


    I don't understand the reasoning behind the limitations they put in place for images, if they are able to display 4K video with the same hardware.  The pixel size limits on either PNG or JPG are well above 4K resolution. There could potentially be a file size limit with the hardware, but that could have been given a work around with a warning (file size needs to be below XXX MB) when putting images into a project.

    A lot of things don't make sense as far as graphics standards, compared to other graphics systems on Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. Again, it's like they rushed things, and then didn't bother to go back and clean up all these issues, which should all be fixable with updates to BrightAuthor and the Firmware. 

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    David Chan

    Been doing some more searching, and it appears that BrightSign has tried to come up with various partial solutions over the years.

    How do I display 4K images/stills on a 4Kx42 (4K242, 4K1042, 4K1142) player? – BrightSign Support

    Why does the 4K canvas appear as 1920x1080 in BrightAuthor? – BrightSign Support


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